Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Next Step Ministries, Inc. is to be a community leader in the prevention of domestic violence by providing a temporary safe house for victims of domestic violence, advocacy on behalf of victims and/or survivors of domestic violence and education in the community to raise awareness and funding in an effort to stop the cycle of violence.

Vision Statement

Next Step Ministries, Inc. will be a model for providing shelter, comprehensive services, goals-based programs, and unbiased care in a protective, faith-based environment in order to transform the lives victims of domestic violence and their families. Through education, public relations, and fundraising efforts, we will create a higher awareness and understanding of domestic violence in our community.

Core Values

As a faith-based organization, we are constantly aware of God’s presence in our lives as we strive to act at all times in ways that reflect the vision, mission and values of our organization.

We believe that healthy, safe relationships are important components of healthy, safe communities.

We respect the diversity of those we serve and strive to provide culturally responsive services in a respectful and compassionate manner.

We honor each individual’s path, and though education help to motivate them to use their strengths in achieving personal growth and empowerment.

We embrace collaboration within Next Step Ministries, Inc. and our community.

We are committed to high standards of honesty, absolute confidentiality, and accountability.

We value the history and longevity of Next Step Ministries, Inc. and are committed to assuring its sustainability and growth through responsible stewardship.